Jun 12, 2008

American Water Canada Receives Award From American Public Works Association

American Water Canada and the Elgin Area and Lake Huron Water Systems were jointly honored for the implementation of a Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

American Water Canada, the non-regulated products and services division of American Water in Canada, was awarded the 2008 Management Innovation Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA).

This award recognizes an individual, team or organization for the development and implementation of a creative idea, device, process or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment. American Water Canada, the contracted operating authority, and the Elgin Area and Lake Huron Water Systems were jointly honored for the unique implementation of a Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS).

The innovative implementation of the DWQMS focuses on continuous improvement of the quality of service and is aimed at reducing exposure to any associated hazards in the management and delivery of critical water supplies. The new delivery model not only allows for precise audits, improvements and strives to improve service levels, but also recognizes the importance of the partnership between system owner, operating authority and the benefiting municipalities.

“For more than six years, American Water Canada and the Regional Water Systems have established a successful public-private partnership resulting in positive results and significant improvements to the water systems,” said Jeffrey McIntyre, vice president of American Water Canada Corp. “The American Public Works Association Award recognizes the achievements of this partnership and further demonstrates the support and solutions that American Water can offer municipalities to best manage their systems and provide reliable water service to their customers. We are obviously very proud to receive such prestigious recognition.”

“The Lake Huron and Elgin Area Water Supply Systems are proud of the accomplishments that we’ve been able to collectively achieve in partnership with our contracted operating authority, American Water Canada,” said Andrew Henry, manager of the regional water supply systems. “This award clearly recognized the fruits of this partnership and the innovative approach utilized between the owner and the operating authority to the success and benefit of the regional water system.”

The awards will be presented in conjunction with the 2008 International Public Works Congress and Exposition in New Orleans, La. The ceremony will be held on Monday, Aug. 18 at the New Orleans Convention Center.