Apr 14, 2005

All Things Pumps

Along with the sound of baseball against bat and the blooming of all things new, WWD’s Pump Source has quickly become another rite of spring. As an exclusive to our April issue, the third version of the Pump Source is evolving quite rapidly primarily because of the vast number of compliments and feed-back made by the readers of past versions of the Pump Source.

In addition to the three technical features on pump-related topics, this year’s Pump Source also includes two pump-related case studies. In response to the huge number of inquiries by our readers to include case studies, it seemed obvious to accommodate these requests.

With the inclusion of the case studies, Pump Source readers get even more perspective on new pump technologies as well as new ways to improve the pumps you already incorporate into your water or wastewater systems.

In concert with the Pump Source is the pump-related content on our website www.WWDmag.com that comes in the form of the Pump Zone. The Pump Zone includes the Pump Spotlight; Articles from the Archives; Related Case Histories; Related Products and Suppliers; Frequently Asked Questions; and an Ask the Experts section.

Not only does WWD’s Pump Zone help our website visitors pinpoint and anticipate problems to improve pump reliability, we offer the advice of our pump expert and consultant, Dr. Lev Nelik, Ph.D., P.E. who has more than 25 years of experience in the pump industry.

Together, the Pump Source and the Pump Zone provide a current and comprehensive archive of technical information and case studies related to pumps in the water and wastewater industry.

We hope you benefit from the third version of our Pump Source as well as our Pump Zone. Already, we are planning a bigger and better version of next year’s Pump Source and we welcome your comments, recommendations and editorial submittals.

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