Alaska's Largest Water/Wastewater Utility Expands Relationship with MWH Soft

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced that Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU), the state of Alaska's largest water and wastewater enterprise, has awarded MWH Soft a substantial contract for its InfoWater and InfoSewer Suites and Web-based InfoView software to support the utility's GIS-based hydraulic modeling initiative. The programs will help guide the expansion and rehabilitation of AWWU's existing water and wastewater systems to accommodate continued community growth.
The decision by AWWU, which serves approximately 55,000 customers (220,000 residents) of Anchorage, Chugiak-Eagle River, Peters Creek, Eklutna and Girdwood, followed an evaluation of leading geocentric water and sewer modeling software packages. The selection underscores MWH Soft's market-leading momentum in advanced geospatial infrastructure modeling solutions in North America. It confirms the experience of customers worldwide who are finding MWH Soft geocentric technology to be the most comprehensive and easy-to-use GIS and Internet based modeling and management system in the mid-price range.
Unlike competing products, the innovative water and wastewater modeling technology of the MWH Soft geocentric software suite addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management, optimization and protection - delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. Built atop ArcGIS (ESRI, Redlands, CA) and drawing on the most advanced numerical computation and object-component geospatial technologies, it effortlessly reads GIS datasets; corrects network topology problems and data flaws; extracts pertinent modeling information; and automatically constructs, skeletonizes, loads, calibrates and generates optimized solutions with astounding speed. The result is performance modeling that sets new levels of scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility within the powerful ArcGIS environment. Using these advanced tools, utilities can easily simulate and evaluate various conditions, pinpoint system deficiencies, and determine the most cost-effective improvements to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance, meet new security challenges, and improve community relations. In addition, utility staff already familiar with GIS functionality can leverage GIS skills without needing to learn a new platform.
InfoView, an indispensable companion to InfoWater and InfoSewer, is loaded with comprehensive modeling functionality, map generation and spatial data analysis capabilities. Built using ESRI ArcIMS (ESRI, Redlands, California), Microsoft .NET (Microsoft, Redmond, Washington), and XML technologies, it gives utilities fast access to mission-critical GIS and water and sewer modeling information via the Internet and corporate intranets.
"Many water and wastewater utilities and engineering consulting firms have experienced the pain of an unsuccessful, costly and lengthy GIS-based modeling software implementation process with competing software," said J. Erick Heath, PE, Vice President of Sales and Client Relations at MWH Soft. "These debacles have been instrumental in their decisions to switch to MWH Soft. Our proven state-of-the-art technology allows these enterprises to get up to speed right away, greatly facilitating communication between a variety of users, from design engineers to GIS professionals. We're pleased that our superior technology has given us the opportunity to work with an industry leader like AWWU - and a new showcase for the unmatched capabilities of our advanced, higher value, customer-centric solutions."
"We've been using MWH Soft H2OMAP technology for the past two years, and we are delighted that MWH Soft has further leveraged its proven expertise by porting these world-class modeling and optimization capabilities to the rich ArcGIS platform," said Kurt Vause, PE, Engineering Manager at AWWU. "In using InfoWater, InfoSewer and InfoView, we fully expect to realize even greater time and cost efficiencies in areas such as engineering, design, planning, GIS and project collaboration. In view of their proven history of successful implementation, we also expect these programs to help us make better-informed decisions in the face of new challenges, rapid community growth, and tighter regulations."
"The Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility is known nationally for superior GIS, engineering and innovation, so it's no surprise to learn this progressive utility has opted to add the formidable advantages of our geocentric water and sewer modeling and management suite to its tool set," said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, President and COO of MWH Soft. "AWWU has maintained its industry-leading position by continually innovating and setting tighter industry standards. Its adoption of MWH Soft InfoWater, InfoSewer and InfoView software represents an investment in many more decades of engineering excellence. We're very proud that our solutions are in place at many of the world's largest and best-run utility companies, helping them meet their corporate and strategic goals and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough cost savings."

MWH Soft

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