Mar 10, 2008

AFS Infrastructure, Sustainability Testing Management Conference

Conference will be held Sept. 22-25 in Charlotte, N.C.

The American Filtration Separations Society (AFS) is providing a two-track program at its fall conference, Sept. 22-25, in Charlotte, N.C. The event will be preceded by the traditional filtration full-day short courses on Sept. 22.

The main conference will consist of two separate tracks. Track I is titled Filter Testing: Evaluation, Procedures and Validation, and is chaired by Dr. Ernest Mayer of DuPont. Track II is titled Infrastructure Sustainability; Filtration Growth Market: Underscoring Most Critical Unmet Needs in Filtration and Separations, and is chaired by Edward C. Gregor of Edward C. Gregor Associates, LLC. The Infrastructure and Sustainability Track is targeted specifically at managers seeking new and emerging opportunities in filtration or separations to reinvigorate their business and understand the next generation of growth opportunities.

Filtration Testing: Evaluation, Procedures and Validation Track

The filter testing track will feature the process of evaluation, procedures and validation of filtration media, filters and filtration systems and cover a breadth of subjects from diatomaceous earth to complex filtration systems.

Infrastructure Sustainability; Filtration Growth Market Track

The AFS has never offered a forum of this nature. The goal is to jump-start innovation and creative thinking where it has lagged in recent years and accelerate development where it is ongoing. There are many unmet needs in the filtration and separations industry, most affecting America and the world’s infrastructure in one way or another. The challenge is huge and the solutions costly, yet with success the payoff is enormous. The conference is designed specifically for managers who are broad thinkers or innovators and want a peek under the tent of where the industry needs new solutions.


The conference will conclude with a half-day workshop titled Water and Air Infrastructure Needs and the Role of Filtration in the Interdependency Market. This important application workshop is a must for organizations and individuals to tie together the unmet needs with the opportunities in order to structure a strategy and action plan for new product development and company growth. The workshop will be lead by Anita Highsmith of Highsmith Environmental Consultants, former head of the water quality sctivities for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The workshop will address all topics and aspects of the Infrastructure and Sustainability Conference.

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