Apr 27, 2001

Advanced Medical Technologies to Launch Air Moisture to Drinking Water Conversion System

Advanced Medical Technologies Inc. has developed the WaterStar™ 5 series, a new hydrologic system capable of generating 5 gallons of drinking water from existing moisture in the air over a 24-hour cycle. The company has announced the unveiling of its first commercial-style unit in conjunction with a major press conference in Miami next month.

Unlike water filtration devices currently available on the market, an embedded computer chip continuously monitors the performance of ultraviolet sterilization treatments and powerful electrostatic and carbon filters to ensure the water quality is always 100% pure.

The upcoming product launch signals this company's entry into the burgeoning consumer bottled and filtered water industry, currently growing at a 30% rate. Manufactured and designed for universal application, the WaterStar air moisture to pure water system will initially be introduced to three priority market segments that have exhibited high demand and applicability for the company's system, which include residential/consumer; office; and commercial, which includes hotels, restaurants and bars.

"The launch of the WaterStar 5 series is a milestone development and represents the culmination of over 15 years of product development and patent protection," stated Advanced Medical's president & C.E.O. Don Brumlik. "Through the market introduction of our technology, consumers will be able to access a continuous, inexhaustible supply of the highest quality drinking water available without the inconvenience, packaging waste and expense of bottled or filtered water."

In preparation for the upcoming international launch, the company has completed extensive market studies and laboratory testing that have conclusively demonstrated the quality of drinking water produced by the WaterStar 5 system consistently surpasses the purity of water derived from other conventional sources such as bottled water, chlorinated municipal water, private wells and existing filtration systems while meeting all Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Advanced Medical Technologies Inc. is a Nevada corporation engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a scientifically proven technology that condenses sterile drinking water from existing moisture in the atmosphere.