Sep 29, 2006

ADS Wins Water Environment Federation Innovation Award

ADS Wins Water Environment Federation Innovation Award

ADS Environmental Services announced that IntelliServe has won the WEF Innovative Technology Award for 2006. IntelliServe is a web-based information system that integrates highly reliable, accurate, and redundant sewer flow velocity and depth sensor technology with rain detection technology to provide wet and dry weather overflow detection, notification and reporting. IntelliServe provides early detection of combined sewer and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), remote alarming and trend analysis.

IntelliServe is the first in class to automate integration of flow data and rain data to differentiate between wet and dry weather overflows at combined sewer overflow (CSO) structures. This provides municipalities with a means of distinguishing between permitted wet weather overflows and the not-permitted dry weather overflows, delivering the flow data required to accurately report to the U.S. EPA the quantity of all overflows. IntelliServe also helps reduce and eliminate the labor-intensive physical inspections of combined sewer overflow facilities.

“The IntelliServe platform, with its multiple features and tools, is improving collection system operations in municipalities throughout the country for both CSO and SSO avoidance and mitigation,” said Richard Blais, hosted systems program manager for ADS LLC. “To our knowledge, IntelliServe is the only collection system software that automates the collection of flow data with rain data to distinguish between dry and wet weather CSO events.”

United Water contracted with ADS to install IntelliServe and 26 ADS flow monitors as a primary component of a 10-year contract. This was part of a 20-year contract managed by United Water for the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

“The IntelliServe system allows us to evolve from a reactive approach to a preventative approach,” said Don Goodroe, program manager for United Water. “Ultimately, some, not all, dry weather CSOs may actually be able to be prevented with information provided by IntelliServe.”

The WEF Innovative Technologies Award is awarded to a maximum of four companies per year that demonstrate an innovative aspect utilizing new ideas, methods, alterations and/or unique changes from existing systems. The products or services must show a significant achievement in design, operation, maintenance or process change resulting in demonstrated long-term water quality improvement.