Mar 23, 2011

ADS Introduces New Leak Detection System

System uses hydrophones to detect leak noise through water

ADS LLC announced the new ADS Enigma-hyQ Leak Correlating Logger System. This non-intrusive leak correlating system is optimized for leak location over long distances in large diameter and non-metallic water distribution pipes. Powered by technology from Primayer Ltd., the ADS Enigma-hyQ is supported by the U.S.-based ADS Environmental Services for training and customer service.

The Enigma-hyQ is designed for both real-time and pre-programmed, unassisted nighttime operation, when pressure is the highest and usage the lowest. It uses high-sensitivity hydrophones to directly detect the leak noise through the water, not the pipe wall. The hydrophones are installed on existing fixtures, such as hydrants, PRVs or ARVs to place them in contact with the water for leak noise detection and recording.

“We are very impressed with the ADS Enigma-hyQ,” said Alan Maestas, leak detection coordinator at Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. “It works on all pipe materials from PVC to AC and on all metallic lines. We used the Enigma-hyQ on a 16-in. CCYL line at over 1,600 ft. The leak was less than 200 ft away from one of the loggers and more than 1,400 ft away from the other logger. Both loggers recorded the leak.”

The Enigma-hyQ comes packaged in convenient watertight, shock resistant carry cases with: three Enigma loggers, three hydrophones and connecting cables. It comes with a two-year hassle-free U.S.-based warranty.