Plumbing Manufacturers Intl. Announces Three New Members

Welcomes two Supplier Allied Members and a Certified Allied Member

Plumbing Manufacturers Intl. (PMI) announced the addition of three new members: Chase Brass & Copper Co. Inc. and Mueller Brass Co. have joined PMI as Supplier Allied Members, and CSA Intl. has joined as a Certifier Allied Member. The latest additions to the PMI roster join International Association of Plumbing and Manufacturing Officials (IAPMO) and LSP Products Group as new members in 2012.

Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc. produces brass rod for the plumbing industry. Mueller Brass Co. is a manufacturer of standard and lead-free wrought brass alloys for plumbing and industrial applications. CSA Intl. tests products for compliance to national and international standards, and issues certification marks for qualified products.

These new Supplier and Certifier Allied Members join LSP Products Group, a privately owned corporation based in Irving, Texas, which became PMI's most recent manufacturing member and IAPMO, PMI's charter Certifier Allied Member.

PMI has recently opened its membership to accredited certifier organizations that are qualified to certify products to plumbing codes and consensus standards and also to supplier companies that provide raw materials and sublet processing, e.g., brass suppliers, steel suppliers or plating services to the plumbing industry.

Allied Members receive a number of the benefits of PMI membership, including access to PMI publications, attendance at PMI's semi-annual meetings, invitations to receptions, dinners and other social events held in conjunction with the PMI semi-annual conferences and more.

Plumbing Manufacturers Intl.

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