Aug 28, 2015

Air-Powered Concrete Chainsaw Requires Little Access to Ground Pipe

Product can be used in areas with limited ventilation and is submersible

Air-Powered Concrete Chainsaw Requires Little Access to Ground Pipe

The new ICS 701-A cutting system builds on the success of ICS concrete and utility chainsaws. This product is powered by compressed air instead of hydraulic or gas power. As air power is already available on many utility job sites, the 701-A air-powered saw allows users to cut in areas with limited ventilation, and it is completely submersible. It delivers smooth power, balanced handling, a die-cast aluminum body with a modular motor design and three available guide bar lengths. The 701-A is compatible with the ICS Powergrit utility chain or FORCE4 concrete-cutting diamond chains with SealPro technology.

The PowerGrit utility saw chain significantly changes a contractor’s approach to pipe cutting. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit technology requires less access to cut pipe in the ground. Thus contractors are able to cut from one position with far less excavation and effort than required by prior methods, eliminating the need to excavate all the way around a ductile iron water pipe and crawl underneath to complete a cut. An operator using PowerGrit chain is able to get in and out of the job faster, easier and, most importantly, safer because there is no need to get under the pipe with a saw.    

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