Apr 05, 2019

Induron Primes New Product

Induron launches CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer to their ceramic epoxy technology

CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer spray application

Ceramic epoxy technology has become a staple for the care of water and wastewater assets throughout the U.S. Treatment plants, distribution pipelines and storage tanks have all benefited from thick-film ceramic epoxy linings. These linings can be applied directly to metal, however, they are often paired with zinc-rich primers in the field and in-shop environments. With the introduction to this thin-film ceramic epoxy primer, asset owners, contractors and specifying engineers are invited to "rethink zinc" as an alternative priming option.

Induron has announced the launch of its newest product, CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer. With this product, Induron distilled qualities of a high-build ceramic epoxy linings into a thin-film ceramic epoxy primer.

CeramaPrime enables facility owners to quickly move more painted product through their facilities without sacrificing key performance attributes. Induron’s Ceramic Epoxy technology has been proven over decades of service in the most aggressive environments. Epoxy technology can help ensure that your team is safer by eliminating exposure to reactive metals and isocyanates. This is a change for asset owners who have been paying near double the price per gallon for zinc.

Ultimately, with this product, Induron is expanding its existing ceramic epoxy technology by offering a primer that increases efficiency and long-term performance.

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