Apr 22, 2021

ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure & Neenah Foundry Unveil Exclusive Partnership

ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure & Neenah Foundry unveiled an exclusive partnership to secure underground infrastructure


ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure Global Solutions has created an exclusive partnership with Neenah Foundry to introduce InfraLOCK, a high security locking system designed specifically to protect the nation’s underground infrastructure, according to the ABLOY USA press release.

ABLOY USA has a 45-year track record of developing advanced engineering, design, and innovation in the field of electromechanical locking technology. In addition to providing critical asset security, they offer remote access management solutions to minimize security risks at critical infrastructure properties operated by governments and utilities around the world. Wisconsin-based Neenah Foundry has produced American-made municipal infrastructure and construction products for the water and sewer industries for nearly 150 years.

InfraLOCK is a heavy duty Neenah manhole cover that incorporates the ultra-strong ABLOY PLM340 padlock. The cover is furnished with a cast iron plug that conceals the weather-resistant padlock housing. When unlocked, the hardened steel constructed padlock swings to the side – and by design – cannot be removed from the housing. Pullback on a cast iron bar releases the locking mechanism and allows the cover to be removed.

“Our Neenah partnership is vital to closing the gap with intricate critical infrastructure projects which are in need of mechanical and electronic high security compliant solutions at the most difficult and potentially vulnerable access points,” said Jerry Burhans, managing director of ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure Global Solutions in the press release. “They also need ways to authorize and track individuals requiring physical access inside their security perimeters. InfraLOCK makes this possible.”

ABLOY’s shackle-sealed, corrosion-resistant padlock provides a number of benefits. The patented disc rotating technology makes the padlock almost impossible to pick. Cylinder options inside the padlock allow for integrating systems to control keys, manage access rights, and perform audit trails with ABLOY CLIQ technology.

InfraLOCK is easy to install and can be retrofit into existing frames without costly demolition, unnecessary hardware or installation expenditures. The housing can be fitted to virtually any standard manhole cover. Visit www.abloyusa.com for more information about the PLM340 padlock.