Dec 28, 2000

$85 M Protects Missouri's Water Through Federal-State Partnership

In order to reduce pollution of streams and reservoirs, a partnership between federal and state that provides $85 million was formed. The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is aimed at safeguarding the water for the 375,000 state residents.

CREP utilizes resources from the federal and state to meet agricultural environmental challenges.

The project is intended to retire 50,000 acres of erosion prine and environmentally sensitive cropland along streams, serving 83 reservoirs that lead to 58 public water sources. Most of the targeted drinking water reservoirs are located near agricultural land.

The Department of Agriculture will pay up to 75 percent of overall program costs, and Missouri will pay the rest.

Governor Mel Carnahan commented, "Finding the right balance between the needs of agriculture and the safety of our water supply and environment is important in Missouri, where farming is vital to our economy."

(Source: Environment News Service)