Wataire Industries Announces Addition to Product Line

Wataire Industries, Inc. has commenced ordering components for the new countertop WII-4005 water generator. The company anticipates the countertop generators to be in full production in Wataire’s new facility located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia within 60 days. The overall design measurements of the new WII-4005 generator will be 20-in. wide by 18-in. high by 16.5-in. deep.
With a quality air and water filtration system plus an ultraviolet light module as standard safety features, this unit is designed to produce safe drinking water for consumers at an affordable price. The generator consists of a two-part reservoir with chilled water and ozone options offered for those wanting extra features.
Water production in what is considered standard conditions (26.7°C and relative humidity of 60%) will be in the range of 15 to 18 liters per day, more than an ample amount to supply the potable water needs of the average family.
"The 'target market' for this product is enormous," said Wataire President Phil Fraser. "It will have a standard price that will be very affordable for lower income consumers in countries that often rely on foreign assistance for potable water. In addition, the unit also has great potential for the yacht and recreational vehicle market and for those living in earthquake areas. The holding reservoir of 12 liters offers a buffer of emergency water if a disaster happens to occur."
Wataire has also developed an under-the-counter filtration system to be included in the company's product line.
As outlined in the Frost and Sullivan report of Jan. 18, 2006, the point-of-use potable water filtration and treatment industry offers huge growth potential for those poised to participate in the market place with effective water quality equipment.
According to the report, globally rising consumer awareness about quality of drinking water is propelling expansion in the residential water treatment equipment market. Consumers are looking for treatment units that offer comprehensive contaminant removal and satisfy in terms of price and aesthetics.
According to statistics, revenues in the residential treatment and equipment market exceeded $15 billion in 2005. It is estimated that by the year 2011, the market could reach over $41 billion.
Wataire's filtration system is "patent pending" in this specific field of water treatment. The company is currently sourcing components and getting design work completed for the new under-the-counter water filtration system. This system will both filter water through very fine filters and treat it with an ultraviolet light dosage, therefore making tap water much cleaner and safer to drink.

Wataire Industries, Inc.

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