Jul 22, 2010

U.S. Chamber and NAWC Launch Education Series

Partnership highlights best practices to improve economic competitiveness for businesses

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) launched the “Water is Your Business” series to educate public leaders, businesses and citizens on the importance of water infrastructure to public and environmental health, and the economic vitality of their communities. The kickoff event brought together more than 50 business leaders to examine drinking and wastewater infrastructure needs in the context of regional water management issues.

South Florida water experts discussed the need for adequate water supplies for economic development and population growth, innovative alternatives to groundwater withdrawal, and the beneficial reuse of wastewater. Elected officials and business leaders presented specific examples of how innovative and sustainable water infrastructure practices can improve the economic competitiveness for businesses and the quality of life in local communities.

“Sustainable, safe and reliable water service is the lifeblood of every community,” said NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane. “The education of business leaders is the right first step on the road to sparking a national dialogue. As business owners, this group already recognizes how sufficient investment, innovative management practices and transparent governance can affect the quality of performance. Our program will further show the great value sustainable water systems can have on their businesses and lives, so they can start to work with their local officials and colleagues to make sure their water utilities are run well and prepared for the future.”

Poised to be held in additional cities across the country, the “Water is Your Business” series aims to raises awareness of the significant economic and ecological impacts of water provision, use and disposal on communities everywhere. Each local dialogue will focus on providing business and community leaders with tools and resources needed to be constructive and influential participants in the discussion on water infrastructure needs. The series is co-hosted by local area chambers of commerce.