Jan 29, 2008

Preserving an Unspoiled Environment

Situated in the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth region is Grapevine,Texas, a city with large tourism appeal and a small-town atmosphere.The residents of Grapevine, the site of many nice restaurants, shops and wineries, as well as cultural attractions such as the Grapevine Opry, pride themselves on the city’s elegant, pristine environment. So when the city began to experience problems at the local sewage treatment works—first with odor, then with surface water inflow—officials turned to CertainTeed PAM for a solution.



Designed to completely prevent inflow and the escape of air and water, the PAMTIGHT manhole cover features an elastomer sealing ring that ensures watertightness even under pressure. Its fastening design utilizes six bolts and clamping claws for better sealing but allows easy maintenance.

Installation of the cover eliminated the unpleasant odor, which was emanating through the manhole covers of the trunk sewer line that runs along the city.

Of equal concern was the possibility of surface water inflow and subsequent exfiltration, a worry prompted by the heavy rains of 2007 and the chance that groundwater could penetrate the manhole covers, then pollute Grapevine Lake and its surrounding areas should the lake rise. To further fortify the seal and ensure its imperviousness to water, the municipality also utilized a grouting product from SealGuard that is applied between the manhole frame and the concrete.

Rob Sanders of Jim Cox Sales worked closely with representatives from the municipality to find a product that would solve their worries and preserve the city. “PAMTIGHT proved to be the best choice for their needs,” Sanders said. “They ended up specifying some 20 or more covers for Grapevine and have been very happy with the results.”



In addition to offering odor and infiltration control benefits, PAMTIGHT manhole covers are made from ductile iron, an engineered material that is lighter and more durable than traditional cast iron. Because these covers weigh less than half of traditional cast iron, they are safer to use and reduce the risks of manual material handling injuries. Plus, the good mechanical performance of ductile iron makes these covers much more durable.

According to Andy Buchan, North American business director for CertainTeed PAM: “PAM places great emphasis on meeting the needs of the end user. We don’t develop products that merely meet a minimum performance standard—we look for them to provide solutions for our customers.The success of the Grapevine project means we’ve met our goals.”

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