Nov 04, 2014

Digester Mixing System Installed in Irish Town

The technology was chosen for its reliability, gas yield enhancement & easy maintenance

Landia GasMix digester mixing system Tullamore

Landia’s externally mounted GasMix digester mixing system is proving to be an integral part of EPS Water’s design-build-operate (DBO) package at the recently expanded wastewater treatment works (WWTW) in Tullamore, Ireland, home of the Irish whiskey, Tullamore Dew.

EPS Water’s process for the WWTW, which caters for a population equivalent (PE) of 45,000 and a sludge treatment capacity of 80,000 PE, includes two sludge digesters with duty/stand-by CHP, sludge holding tanks, sludge drier and all associated works.

EPS Water introduced Landia’s GasMix for its reliability, gas yield enhancement and easy maintenance.

“For our client, Irish Water, Landia’s GasMix not only produces more methane than other systems, but it does so much quicker because it mixes the whole tank properly, leaving no crust on the surface," said EPS Regional Operation Manager Gerald Buckley. “We have found the GasMix unit to be extremely reliable. Easy access to the pumps ensures staff carry out routine maintenance efficiently and safely, thereby avoiding downtime.  At EPS we deliver mission-critical products for the very best, long-term technical solutions—and Landia’s GasMix meets that requirement as a system we know can rely upon for its efficiency and performance.”