Nov 09, 2007

Siemens to Provide Kuwati Wastewater Treatment Plant with BioFlowsheet Solution

Siemens Water Technologies will provide a high-performance nutrient removal system for the 47.5 mgd Kubd wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) located outside of Kuwait City, Kuwait. The solution, which is based on Siemens’ new biological process optimization program—BioFlowsheet Solutions, will help the WWTP meet required effluent levels. Siemens signed the contract for about $7.4 million dollars with Kuwaiti Contractor Mushrif Trading and Contracting Company of Kuwait City. The plant will be commissioned in 2010.

Siemens’ proposed BioFlowsheet Solution was an alternative to the originally specified conventional MLE (Modified Ludzak Ettinger) process that consisted of an anaerobic selector, anoxic zone and fine-bubble aeration for nitrification, scraper clarification and sand filtration/disc filtration. Compared to its conventional counterpart, Siemens’ solution will provide superior process design and performance, a smaller footprint, less energy consumption and compact tertiary filtration.

BioFlowsheet Solutions is a new biological process optimization program from Siemens Water Technologies that involves several key WWTP operations, including biological, solids separation, solids treatment and controls to meet the needs of most wastewater treatment applications. The program evaluates effluent requirements, land availability and specific cost factors such as energy use, labor and disposal.

The BioFlowsheet Solution for the Kubd plant will consist of four VertiCel systems (in two parallel operating trains), six 46m-high-performance clarifiers and eight Forty-X disc filters with 24 discs apiece. The project marks the largest VertiCel system and Forty-X disc filter orders to date. Siemens will also provide an overall process warranty for the biological process to guarantee the plant meets required effluent quality levels.