Sep 12, 2006

Sewage Spill Attributed to Ernesto

The Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District in Roanoke Rapids, N.C., faced problems with a pumping station that became inundated as Tropical Storm Ernesto swept through the area.

According to the Daily Herald, the storm caused 3,000 gallons of wastewater to spill into the Roanoke River. The spill lasted about 10 hours.

An additional spill was reported near River Road South, where approximately 2,880 gallons leaked from a nearby wastewater collection system.

Dan Brown, the CEO of the Sanitary District, told the Daily Herald that he is concerned with the amount of water that is coming into the system.

The town of Weldon also reported a wastewater leak that lasted about eight hours. In that incident, 12,7000 gallons of wastewater spilled over the span of eight and a half hours.