Schneider Electric Announces Investment in New Product Technologies

Energy management company commits to helping customers drive further intelligence, safety and reliability in their infrastructure

Schneider Electric announced an investment in product innovations to expand the company’s portfolio of power distribution solutions. Through a significant investment over the next four years in product development, Schneider Electric is delivering new levels of innovation, intelligence, safety and reliability to meet its customers expanding needs for energy efficient, secure and cost-effective operations.

Efficient operations are essential for businesses looking to make the most of their infrastructure investments and drive results. Safe operations are also a priority for companies given the risks associated with many electrical occupations. In today’s high performance buildings, the use of efficient technologies integrated across all major domains can enable organizations to reduce operating expenses, which account for 75% of a traditional building’s life cycle costs over the course of many years. By leveraging the latest technology innovations to access data about energy use, Schneider Electric is helping companies cut operating costs, streamline operations and also improve facility safety.

Schneider Electric is expanding on its breadth of products by adding more intelligence through metering and monitoring capabilities; remote management for anytime, anywhere access and advanced diagnostics for better visibility of high energy consumers and planning for load shedding and other energy management decisions. Easily available to stakeholders throughout the organization in role-based formats, the intelligence allows for proactive, preventative and predictive maintenance and opportunities for increasing energy efficiency and controlling costs. New features will allow for greater protection from downtime, heighten safety for installers and users and simplified offers for easier selection and coordination through pre-configured solutions and common platforms. 

“Schneider Electric has been a trusted partner in our network for decades,” said Bill DeLoache, CEO of Shealy Electrical Wholesale. “Our customers not only recognize their brand, but see it as a trusted name when it comes to energy management and having the upmost level of quality and safety. Schneider Electric’s products form the backbone of many of our customers’ facilities and we see this commitment to innovation as not only impactful for our business and customers, but for moving the industry ahead as a whole.”

Schneider Electric

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