Oct 02, 2009

Report Predicts China as Largest Purchaser of Industrial Control Valves by 2012

McIlvaine Co. predicts the Chinese market will be 10% larger than the U.S. market in three years

By 2012, Chinese purchasers will be buying valves valued at $2.4 billion. The Chinese market will be 10% larger than the U.S. market and nearly four times larger than Japan. This is the conclusion in Industrial Valves: World Markets, published by the McIlvaine Co. Three of the top ten and six of the top twenty purchasers in 2012 will be Asian.
The valve market in Asia has continued to expand during the recession while the market in Europe and the U.S. has contracted.

Several of the large publicly owned valve companies have small market shares in Asia. This has led some analysts to underestimate the size of the world market. The growth in sales by small Asian valve companies has more than offset the reduced sales at the big international companies.

The Asian market has benefited from the stimulus package instituted by China, especially the municipal water segment. The power industry in Asia is another strong segment.

The total world valve market including butterfly, ball, gate, plug and other valve types will rise to $54 billion in 2012. Thousands of companies manufacture valves. Tyco, the largest supplier, has 5% of the market. Flowserve and Emerson each have less than 3%. Only 55 companies have more than 1% market shares, so the market is very splintered.