Parkson Announces New MBR System Design

Parkson Corp. announced a technological breakthrough with an innovative new design of their membrane bioreactor (MBR) system.
The DynaLift MBR system features a unique membrane component that is located outside of the biological reactor, at the most convenient and accessible site nearby. These remote "airlift-assisted tubular membranes" make the system highly flexible and cost effective.
By separating the biological and membrane systems, each process can be independently optimized, allowing both systems to perform at peak. For instance, the treatment process can be designed for specialized applications such as nutrient removal, including chemical precipitation of phosphorus. This flexibility ensures the most efficient treatment of the waste stream.
Because none of the membranes are submerged in the biological mixed liquor, cleaning is safe, dry, and fully automated. Cleaning solution is pumped directly to the remote membrane skids, eliminating the need to remove membranes from a basin or to handle membrane modules.
A key advantage of the system is that it can be retrofitted into nearly any existing biological treatment process. Because the membranes are located outside the reactor basin, the biological process can be optimized independently of the membrane system. An addition of a simple concrete slab to support the membrane skid can be constructed at the most convenient location making expandability very easy.
The DynaLift MBR system also incorporates classic X-Flow tubular membranes, which have been used for a generation in very demanding industrial high-solids applications. They have a proven track record of durability, long life, and low maintenance.


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