Mar 18, 2008

More than $4 Million in Water Research Funding Available Through AwwaRF

Foundation has issued RFPs for 15 solicited projects on its 2008 agenda

The Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, has issued requests for proposals (RFPs) for 15 solicited projects on its 2008 research agenda. AwwaRF is providing more than $4 million in funding to sponsor the projects. The RFPs collectively represent a wide range of topics of critical importance to the drinking water community.

“Our research agenda is developed to target many of the biggest challenges faced by water suppliers,” said Robert C. Renner, AwwaRF executive director. “The findings from AwwaRF research provide knowledge and guidance to help utilities and other water professionals stay ahead of emerging issues and continuously deliver safe, available and affordable drinking water to the public."

The 2008 RFPs are as follows:
&#149 Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction (#4164);
&#149 Characterizing the Components of the Microbial Community Responsible for Nitrification (#4165);
&#149 Water Industry Contribution to Epidemiological and Health Effects Studies Involving Distribution System Water Quality (#4166);
&#149 Evaluation of Analytical Methods for EDCs and PPCPs via Inter-Laboratory Comparison (#4167);
&#149 Qualitative Structure Property Relationships (QSPR) to Predict Removal of EDC/PPCPs in Water Treatment Processes (#4168);
&#149 Water Utility Framework for Responding to Emerging Contaminant Issues (#4169);
&#149 Expanding Water Utility Services Beyond Water Supply To Improve Customer Satisfaction And Utility Effectiveness (#4171);
&#149 Implementing Effective Asset Management In Water Utilities: Organizational Models, Culture, Policies And Strategies(#4173);
&#149 A Balanced Approach to Water Conservation: Removing Barriers and Maximizing Benefits (#4175);
&#149 Developing a Roadmap and Vision for Source Water Protection for Drinking Water Utilities (#4176);
&#149 Development of a Protocol to Predict the Formation of Nitrosamines While Minimizing the Formation of Regulated DBPs (#4180);
&#149 Interpreting Real-Time Online Monitoring Data For Water Quality Event Detection (#4182);
&#149 Key Asset Data for Water Sector Utilities (#4187);
&#149 Distribution System Water Quality - Targeted Unsolicited (#4192);
&#149 Endocrine Disrupting Compounds/Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products - Targeted Unsolicited (#4193); and
&#149 Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems (#4116).

Proposal deadlines are specified in each RFP. All projects, unless otherwise indicated, must include 25% of the total project budget as in-kind or cash contribution. In-kind contributions can be in the form of labor, materials or laboratory and other services, and may come from project participants such as water utilities, consulting firms and universities. For each project, an appointed project advisory committee will evaluate proposals based on responsiveness to the RFP, scientific and technical merit and qualifications of the researchers. Guidelines for preparing solicited proposals are available on the website at proposalGuidelines.aspx.