McElroy Launches New Online University

New website will feature instructional videos, comprehensive course listing

McElroy is giving their educational branch a new set of online tools.

For more than 30 years, McElroy has been the only pipe fusion machine manufacturer to continuously offer basic and advanced training. McElroy University’s courses have been attended by thousands of students over the years. The training sessions give students the opportunity to become certified in fusion operations or more knowledgeable in the troubleshooting and repair of fusion machines.

In September, McElroy University launched a new online home at The McElroy University site has a set of online instruction videos that will become the fusion industry’s most complete set of instructional resources as more are added each month. The videos are hosted by YouTube, making them accessible by most smartphones, tablets and computers. Also, a comprehensive course listing is available for hands-on training and certification, complete with online registration capabilities.

“We’re finding that digital tools are having a significant impact on job sites,” said Chip McElroy, president of McElroy Manufacturing. “We feel that producing tools like McElroy University’s online videos is a key contribution to the industry. To have this library of videos as an easy-to-access source for pipeliners, for trainers in the field and for other educational purposes will help everyone involved with their fusion operations.”

Initially, McElroy University has 12 videos on popular topics including Pit Bull 14 fusion operations, Pit Bull 26 fusion operations, Aquatherm polypropylene fusion operations, mid-range diameter fusion operations, heater troubleshooting, jobsite set-up, DataLogger operations, DataLogger analysis and MegaMc PolyHorse operations. Visitors to the website will be able to suggest videos they would like to see in the future as more are added.

By visiting, prospective students and fans of the videos can subscribe to an email list to be informed of new course openings and upcoming video releases. 

McElroy Manufacturing Inc

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