Liqui-Cel Business has New Name

In March 2002, Membrana GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany, was acquired by Poypore, Inc. and joined with Daramic and Celgard, inc. Membrana will align with the Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor and Celgard Hollow Fiber business units of Celgard. The new combined company will maintain the name Membrana. Efforts will be focused on using the strengths of each business unit to optimize product synergies in many membrane and membrane device markets. The Celgard Flat Sheet business will maintain the Celgard, Inc. name and remain a sister company to Membrana.

For Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor customers, the change is only in the name. All commercial products that customers purchase today will still be available. Sales, marketing and technical service contacts also will remain the same.

Combining the business units into one will leverage synergies and bring opportunities for new products with potential to better support the applications and markets of both Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor and Membrana customers. Everything about this acquisition and name change is positive for the Liqui-Cel business unit and its customers.

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors presently are used across the globe for adding or removing O2, CO2 and N2 to or from water. They are used extensively in the semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, photographic, food and beverage and many other industries. Celgard, Inc. also offers liquid ring vacuum pumps, eductors and resistivity controlling equipment to complement the membrane contactors.

Celgard, Inc.

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