Jan 09, 2008

Kruger Selected for Monteray Shores Project

System will help treatment facility increase capacity and improve quality

Carolina Water Services of Charlotte, N.C. recently selected Kruger, Inc., to furnish its NEOSEP membrane bioreactor (MBR) process. The NEOSEP system will be utilized to upgrade the existing Monteray Shores wastewater treatment facility to increase capacity and improve effluent quality. The state of North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has approved the facility to treat an average daily flow of 0.52 mgd and requires the facility to achieve an effluent BOD <5, TSS <3, TN <4 and TP <1.

“In a place as pristine as the Outer Banks, it is critical that we treat wastewater to a high level of quality with a minimum of environmental impact," Kruger President Mike Gutshall said. "By working as a team with Carolina Water and Burgin Engineering, we were able to design an innovative flat-sheet MBR solution that will help protect the beaches and wildlife while minimizing space and impact to the local community.”