Hydroglobe Treats Drinking Water at Elementary School

Interim Report of 12-Month Qualification Program

Hydroglobe, Inc. completed six months of a 12-month qualification program at the East Amwell Township Elementary School in Ringoes, N.J., to remove arsenic from the drinking water. Using the novel adsorbent MetSorbÔ
, developed and manufactured by Hydroglobe, arsenic is removed to below 2 parts per billion (ppb). This is significantly below current and future regulations.

The equipment supplied by Hydroglobe is treating all of the drinking water in the school. With an average inlet arsenic level of 19 ppb, the MetSorbÔ
adsorbent removes arsenic to below 2ppb. Over 150,000 gallons of well water have been treated using 3.5 cubic feet of the adsorbent over a six-month period. The only maintenance that has been required is a periodic backwash.

"I am proud and excited that our district has taken a proactive approach and decided to be part of this twelve month qualification process. While the arsenic level in our drinking water is below the current state and federal standards of 50 ppb, the Board of Education and the administration did not want to wait until 2006 to find a technology that can meet the proposed standard of 5ppb" stated Edward Stoloski Superintendent of Schools. "From the data collected to date, we have found that the Hydroglobe technology is an excellent way to treat our well water."

In February 2002, the federal government adopted a 10 ppb arsenic drinking water standard in place of the current 50 ppb federal standard. On Jan. 23, 2006, public water systems in the United States must comply with the 10 ppb standard for arsenic in drinking water. Some states are considering even lower levels. For example, Governor James E. McGreevey has proposed the most stringent standard in the United States of 5 ppb in New Jersey for arsenic concentrations in drinking water during his 2004 State 0f the State address.

"The MetSorb adsorbent system Hydroglobe installed is compact, simple to install, operate and maintain. It is suited for treating arsenic in drinking water at a facility like the East Amwell Township School where the demand changes dramatically during the day." stated John H. Schroeder President and CEO of Hydroglobe.


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