Innova Biological Water Filter Scheduled for Distribution by Sawyer Products

Jan. 17, 2002
Innova Pure Water, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with Sawyer Products, Inc. for major nationwide distribution of Innova's Personal Biological Filter and product line of Water Treatment Products.

"Innova's latest breakthrough in drinking water filtration features two levels of biological filtration capabilities, removing both bacteria as well as protozoa cysts, and provides effective protection from the health-conscious bottled water buyer to the extreme outdoor sports enthusiast," stated Innova Chairman and Founder John E. Nohren, Jr. "We feel Sawyer and its nationwide distribution servicing the outdoor industry are the ideal representatives for this exclusive filtration system."

Sawyer Products of Safety Harbor, Florida, has been serving mass merchants, drug store chains, sporting goods retailers and the travel industry with technically advanced insect repellents, sun blocks and first aid kits since 1984. The water filter will complement Sawyer's current line of health protection products.

"The Innova products will be marketed under the Sawyer brand name with reference to Innova's registered patent numbers, exclusive technology and listing as 'manufacturer' on all packaging and support literature," continued Nohren. "Due to the strength of the Sawyer name and its acceptance by the outdoor retail network, it is anticipated that many of the major outdoor and sporting goods retailers will carry the product by the end of the first year. Delivery will commence this month into mass merchant channels."

The Innova biological filter for personal protection against waterborne illness due to questionable water quality has been extensively tested. Independent testing under normal use conditions have proven the filters' capability to exceed the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency for the removal of both bacteria and protozoa cysts at the points tested.

Source: Innova Pure Water