Chlorine leaks squeeze Tampa's water supply

June 6, 2001
P>Tampa - Water flow is back to normal in Tampa today after a short-lived crisis caused by some chlorine leaks at the main water plant.

The two leaks shut down Tampa's main water plant on Monday. Mayor Dick Greco considered imposing emergency water restrictions and outlawing all lawn watering. But workers repaired the leaks by nightfall and avoided a full-fledged water crisis.

Water department Director Dave Tippen says an emergency plan was already in place and helped get things back to normal. Police issued a reverse 911 telephone message to about 105 neighbors within a one-mile radius of the water plant, alerting them to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed.

Four water department employees were taken to area hospitals for treatment for exposure to chlorine. One is listed in serious con

Source: Associated Press

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