European Island Invests in Network Information System from Wallingford Software

The States of Jersey (one of the UK Channel Islands off the English and French coasts) has purchased InfoNet from Wallingford Software, in the first stage of a project to formulate a rehabilitation and renewal plan for the island’s wastewater network infrastructure.

InfoNet is the water industry’s first purpose-built network information system for water and wastewater network infrastructure. Project management is being undertaken by WRc, an engineering consulting firm based in Swindon, UK.

The first stage of the project is to consolidate all the data about the island’s wastewater infrastructure that is currently held by the States of Jersey. This includes many hours of CCTV footage held on VHS tape (some of which goes back ten years), paper-based defect reports, CAD drawings, and a considerable amount of detailed knowledge held by individuals that needs to be documented and centralized.

The CCTV data will be further supported by new surveys on DVDs, and a unique application for GPS positioning.

"InfoNet is the only software program designed for precisely this type of water industry project", explains Andrew Walker of Wallingford Software.

"Water utilities typically have a wealth of data stored in various software programs and paper based systems. InfoNet provides a central storage repository that enables utilities to integrate, clean and analyze their network data to provide operations managers, engineers and planners with up to date information and reports on network infrastructure and performance. In this way InfoNet gives users a clear single picture of their networks which can aid informed, swift and cost-effective decision-making for both day-to-day operational management and long term network planning," Walker said.

Once all Jersey’s existing data is consolidated into InfoNet, a new survey of around 10 percent of the island’s primary sewers will be undertaken. Then the States of Jersey will be ready to use all the consolidated data to formulate a rehabilitation and renewal plan for the island’s wastewater network.

Wallingford Software

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