Jun 09, 2009

EPA Appoints Overseer for Great Lakes Clean Up

Cameron Davis is president of the Alliance for the Great Lakes

Cameron Davis, a Chicago-based environmentalist, has been appointed to oversee President Barack Obama's initiative to clean up the Great Lakes, The Associated Press reported. He was appointed by Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"I'm excited, and this is a real testament to the passion and work that so many citizens are doing to put the Great Lakes on the map," Davis said.

The creation of this position was one of Obama’s campaign promises. His proposed 2010 budget seeks $475 million in new spending on the Great Lakes.

Davis is president of the Alliance for the Great Lakes. He will coordinate the efforts of about a dozen federal agencies working on the Great Lakes project, which addresses problems such as invasive species, polluted harbors, sewage overflows and degraded wildlife habitat. The restoration program is expected to cost more than $20 billion.