Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates to Change Name

As of May 19, the company will be called Lochmueller Group

Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates

Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates is changing its name and as of May 19, 2014 will be called Lochmueller Group (Lochmueller). The change is in response to confusion that stemmed from Lochmueller's growth in Illinois and Missouri. In company documentation, the former name was often abbreviated, and that abbreviated form overlapped with another regional provider of similar services.

Lochmueller Group President Michael Hinton says the name change will aid the company’s growth.

With the new name, Lochmueller's leaders hope to both retain the link with the company's deep roots in the Midwest and strong reputation for service, while shortening the name and creating a new, unique logo that will aid in the firm's expansion.

"We as a company are who we are today because of Keith Lochmueller, and we wanted to continue to honor that heritage," said Lochmueller's President Michael Hinton. "At the same time, the new name adds a punch that we feel will give us a leg up as we continue to push into new geographic markets."

Founded in 1980, Lochmueller provides infrastructure planning, environmental services and engineering design to clients nationwide. It employs more than 160 staff in offices in Evansville, Indianapolis, and Jeffersonville, Ind.; Chicago and Troy, Ill.; and St. Louis.



Lochmueller Group

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