Donate Used Industrial Assets to Charity and Take a Tax Deduction for Your Good Deed

Brownfield Charities, Inc. is now accepting used industrial assets (including used equipment, land, property, and surplus goods) as charitable donations. Manufacturers can take a tax deduction based on the market value of the assets donated, resulting in a substantial tax benefit (ask your accountant for details). Brownfield Charities benefits by using the net proceeds from selling the used assets for charitable causes. Manufacturers benefit from the tax deduction, while providing support for various charities.

Brownfield Charities has listed all of the assets donated to them on the FactoryNetwork online auction site. FactoryNetwork has set up a special section on their web site to raise awareness of the program, and help Brownfield Charities sell the donated industrial assets. Interested companies can visit the FactoryNetwork website at for more information.

It is the intent of Brownfield Charities to accept most industrial assets as donations (including equipment, property, and surplus goods). Brownfield Charities will accept most real estate, even those properties that do not meet present day environmental standards. It is also their intent to apply for state & federal funds to bring these donated properties up to or exceed state & federal guidelines.

Most charities are not comfortable accepting commercial or industrial property because of the unknown environmental risks associated with property ownership. Brownfield Charities is networked with leading attorneys and environmental consultants knowledgeable of the environmental matters involved with industrial sites. Brownfield Charities was specifically created to handle used industrial assets, and has the resources necessary to properly clean up and resell most industrial assets.

Brownfield Charities accepts donations ranging from individual pieces of used equipment to entire industrial plants. The largest donation to date was by Fraser Papers Inc. who donated its paper mill located in Dayton, Ohio to Brownfield Charities. The donation included the entire plant, property, and all of the associated equipment.

The president of Brownfield Charities, Tony Staub, has volunteered and served as a Board member for many charities and non-profit organizations. He has assisted charities with guidance in overall project management, construction matters, lease agreements, bond financing and environmental matters. Mr. Staub recently completed a $14 million redevelopment project for a non-profit organization ensuring a steady source of funding for the organization's future needs.
For additional information on Brownfield Charities, visit the FactoryNetwork website at, or contact Tony Staub of Brownfield Charities at [email protected]

Brownfield Charities

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