Aug 04, 2003

Sionix Corporation Announces Sales, Marketing and Service Agent for China

Sionix Corporation has entered into an agreement with Greenview International Corporation to represent Sionix as their agent to market, sell and service Sionix' products in China.

"Sionix has a cutting-edge product that directly addresses the scarcity of clean water in many parts of China. Although water is abundant, potable water is scarce. By strategically implementing Sionix' water purification systems; we believe the increasing demand for potable water will be addressed, especially in rapidly growing population centers. We project that within 10 years, more than 20% of China's water consumption will be treated with water purification systems such as those designed and manufactured by Sionix," Kent Zhang, president of Greenview stated.

"Sionix water purification systems is also well suited for improving the water quality of lakes, rivers, and streams that has been severely polluted by population growth, and the associated waste water. The implementation of Sionix water treatment systems has the potential of both reducing absolute waste passed into streams and lakes, and has the potential of cleaning up the already polluted bodies of water," said Janet Zheng, Greenview's executive director.

Greenview International Corporation is a privately held holding company, based in San Francisco, California. Greenview's primary operating businesses are in mainland China. Greenview's business in China includes commercial and residential real-estate development, eco-tourism and agriculture. The area encompasses over 8,000 acres in southern China near the southern commercial capital of Guangzhou. The development's focal point is an eco-tourism resort, located at Lake Nanshui, a weekend retreat for Guangdong province residents. Greenview also has wine, beer, and liquor distribution businesses in southern China, with more than 2,000 distribution outlets in the network. Greenview also has a growing pharmaceutical distribution network in China.

Sionix Corporation is the developer of new concepts in "Dissolved Air Flotation Technology" for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems for municipalities, corporations and industrial use and technology to monitor water quality.