Oct 24, 2006

Delaware Municipality Selects Parkson Corp. for Innovative Wastewater Solution

The town of Millsboro, Del., has selected an advanced solution from Parkson Corp. as a key part of its wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Parkson’s DynaLift™ membrane bioreactor (MBR) system will be used to help expand the town of Millsboro’s wastewater treatment capacity from 0.6 mgd to 1.15 mgd. Parkson’s MBR technology is a flexible, out-of-basin membrane system that uses ultrafiltration tubular membranes with a simple biological wastewater treatment plant to provide extremely high-quality effluent for beneficial reuse.

After evaluating numerous technologies, CABE Associates, Inc. recommended that the town of Millsboro choose Parkson’s DynaLift system for its ability to meet the most stringent current and future permit requirements, and also because it fit onto the existing plant site.

According to Chuck Morgan, DynaLift MBR product manager, both submerged and external membrane bioreactor configurations were carefully evaluated for the project.

Lee Beetschen, president of CABE Associates, Inc., said the town of Millsboro selected the DynaLift system based on several factors. These included the easy accessibility and maintenance of the external membrane systems, the low operating cost as a result of the innovative airlift design, the use of rugged tubular membranes, and the simple, safe and automatic membrane cleaning.

In addition to grit removal, flow equalization and sludge dewatering, the upgrade will include: a new headworks building with two new Parkson Rotomesh, internally fed, fine-mesh drum screens; screenings dewatering using a Parkson shaftless screw conveyor and Parkson dewatering press; new anoxic/oxic biological tanks utilizing high-efficiency, ultrafine bubble Parkson HiOX Aeration Panels; a new membrane building with Parkson external DynaLift membrane skids; and a plant-wide Parkson integrated control and SCADA system.