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Clean Above, Clean Below

For restaurants, there is nothing more important than giving customers a good experience. The experience is made up of many components, such as food quality, service and...

A Hole in One

There is no greater honor for a golf course than being awarded the right to host a big-name tournament. It’s a tribute to the effort put into maintaining the facility...

Army Strong

The U.S. Army projects an image of strength, so it is no surprise that it expects the same level of strength from its building materials as it does from its soldiers. At...

Atlanta International Airport Deals with Another Type of FOG

Fog and airports do not go well together, but Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had to deal with an entirely different meaning of the word with the...

Roland Lindsay Receives Precast Concrete’s Top Honor

Roland Lindsay, an Ohio businessman, envisioned the potential of the precast concrete industry and made his dream come true. On Saturday, Oct. 6, his passion and...

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