Aug 17, 2007

AWWA Publicity Campaign Earns Top Award in EXCEL Contest

The American Water Works Associations (AWWA) Only Tap Water Delivers campaign has earned the top award in the Society of National Association Publications 2007 EXCEL contest ( in the category of campaign advertisements.

The Only Tap Water Delivers ads, which are being placed by AWWA utilities throughout North America, raise awareness about the value of tap water service and the need to reinvest in water infrastructure. The ads bring a voice to buried water pipes and everyday fixtures and contemplate what these items would say if our water infrastructure could talk to us.

“Great copyrighting and dramatic photos helped deliver message,” the EXCEL judges wrote. The judges also asserted that the “theme is carried out well throughout all of the ads.”

The ads include a faucet that asks, “Do you know how often you turn me on;” a hydrant that states, “I want to be here for you;” and a valve cover that reminds people that, “I’m not so easily replaced.” In a new ad due out soon, water infrastructure asks readers to “let me be strong for you.”

Only Tap Water Delivers ads and other materials are being used throughout Canada and the U.S. Examples include billboards in Edmonton, Alberta, bus shelter ads in Miami, Fla., utility fleet decals and postage meter stamps in Anchorage, Alaska, television public service announcements in Norfolk, Va. and in water quality reports in many cities.