Sep 15, 2015

Aquatic Toxicity and Fate of VigorOx WWT II


VigorOx WWT II is used for treating effluent wastewater from municipal and industrial treatment plants to reduce the coliform bacterial count to meet federal, state and local laws before water is discharged into a waterway. The typical in-use PAA concentrations will be fewer than 10 mg/L (ppm) with targeted outflow concentrations around 1 ppm or less, depending on the application and treatment requirements. Peracetic acid is an ideal disinfectant for wastewater application to efficiently and reliably control bacteria under normal operational conditions—including the range of wastewater flow rates and wastewater qualities—without producing toxic, mutagenic or carcinogenic disinfection byproducts or persistent disinfectant residues that have adverse environmental effects. This paper will review the environmental fate and ecotoxicological data for peracetic acid and the associated benefits as it applies to treating wastewater effluent.



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