ADS Environmental Services Announces Online Interactive Flow Monitoring Report Delivery

ADS Environmental Services, a leader in full-service networked flow monitoring, announces the introduction of FlowView Portal, the newest web-hosted system for the delivery of Underground Intelligence. FlowView Portal is an easy-to-use, innovative report delivery tool that allows the user to customize reports and control data and viewing parameters. Flow monitoring data is more valuable with this tool as it provides the user with a virtually unlimited database to store and access decades of historical data, and the ability to share the information electronically.
“I am extremely impressed with FlowView Portal,” states Darren Cardwell, vice president and chief operating officer of Hallsdale Powell Utility Department (HPUD). “ I appreciate how easy it is to use and I think this could be a huge benefit not only for HPUD but for all your clients.”
Greg Braswell, IT manager of Bureau of Engineering at the San Francisco Department of Public Work also commented that, “FlowView Portal is very impressive. We really like the flexibility of online data sharing and setting our own parameters for reports. I encourage everyone to check it out.”
Underground Intelligence from ADS provides customers with answers to wastewater flow questions that enhance collection system performance. Now the portal delivers Underground Intelligence for both temporary projects and permanent flow monitoring networks in an interactive format that enables the user to customize views and reports based on data parameters that the user controls. FlowView Portal also preserves reports in one location, with anytime/anywhere access, eliminating space consuming paper reports.

ADS Environmental Services

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