Water and Climate Coalition Launched

Number of international organizations and research centers join forces at climate talks in Bonn, Germany

A number of international organizations and research centers joined forces to highlight the role of water in the context of climate change. The newly formed alliance, named the Water and Climate Coalition, officially launched at a side event at the climate talks in Bonn, Germany.

The Water and Climate Coalition, formerly known as the Global Public Policy Network on Water Management, seeks to place water resources management at the heart of climate change policy.

Recognizing that the impacts of climate change on water resources stand to have a dramatic effect on vulnerable people and fragile environments all over the world, the Water and Climate Coalition advocates for integrated water and climate policy responses to climate change.

In connection to the climate talks in Bonn, the Water and Climate Coalition has issued a statement where it outlines a number of issues for the climate negotiations to consider in any outcome from COP-16.

The following organizations are currently members of the Water and Climate Coalition:
• World Wildlife Fund;
• Stakeholder Forum;
• Stockholm International Water Institute;
• Chartered Institute for Water and Environmental Management;
• International Union for the Conservation of Nature;
• Freshwater Action Network;
• Global Water Partnership;
• Progressio; and
• University of North Carolina Water Institute.

The Secretariat of the Water and Climate Coalition is run by Stakeholder Forum and Stockholm International Water Institute.

Stockholm International Water Institute

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