RJN Assists Texas City with Sanitary Sewer Evaluation

RJN’s goal is to identify areas within the study area where infrastructure repairs are needed

RJN Group McKinney Texas

The city of McKinney, Texas (located 32 miles northeast of Dallas) has undergone flow monitoring and is experiencing wet-weather peaking factors in some sanitary sewer basins. The city has contracted RJN Group Inc. to perform a sanitary sewer evaluation study (SSES) on Basins 5, 6, and 11 which includes 204,000 linear ft of sewer lines and 673 manholes.

RJN’s goal is to identify areas within the study area where infrastructure repairs are needed, along with quantifying inflow/infiltration (I/I) sources to help the city move forward in developing an I/I reduction/elimination program in compliance with capacity, management, operation and maintenance regulations. Construction services will be based on priorities developed through the analysis of the fieldwork.

During the SSES, RJN will perform a condition assessment that includes both subsurface and full descent manhole inspection, dual blower smoke testing, dyed water flooding, and cleaning and internal television (TV) inspection. A complete analysis of all field results will be conducted and used to develop a recommended plan for I/I source repairs that could include manhole rehabilitation; complete line replacement ranging from open cut, pipe bursting and cured-in-place pipe; and/or point repairs, etc.

The conclusion of the project is set for May 2015.

RJN Group

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