EPA Approves Kansas Water Quality Standards

Designates more than 2,097 miles of Kansas waters for recreational and aquatic life uses

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the revised Kansas water quality standards adopted by the state May 9, 2008. This action designates more than 2,097 miles of Kansas waters for recreational and aquatic life uses.

Kansas submitted the water quality standards to EPA for review and approval on June 19, 2008. This is part of the state's ongoing effort to assign appropriate designated uses to classified streams, lakes and wetlands.

"EPA appreciates the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's commitment to protecting its waters by establishing water quality standards that significantly increase the environmental protections afforded waters in the state," EPA Region 7 Administrator John B. Askew said.

States are required to conduct a review of their water quality standards no less frequently than every three years and submit new or revised standards to EPA. These newly-adopted standards will protect waters for their appropriate aquatic life and recreational uses.

The approved standards are now effective for implementation under the Clean Water Act.


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