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Known globally for superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Smith & Loveless is one of the most recognized water and wastewater pumping and treatment groups in the world. Backed by 55 years of experience and tens of thousands of installations on all continents, our expert team includes Smith & Loveless Inc., its affiliated companies, licensees, and representatives. Together as one source, we bring to the marketplace some of the most innovative and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment and pumping system solutions. We deliver innovative systems and products designed for today’s owners, operators and asset managers.


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  • The new Optiflow 270 baffle system retrofits into 270-degree Pista grit chambers in order to augment removal efficiency and manage wide flow variations. The upgrade yields 95% removal efficiencies down to 150 microns (100 mesh). This baffle can be applied for non-Smith & Loveless cone-shaped 270-degree chambers and new systems. more
  • Everlast wet well mounted pump stations represent the next generation of the company’s above-grade pumping systems, eliminating confined space concerns and delivering low lifecycle costs. The company has redesigned its two-pump models with stylish new enclosures, created convenient package options and backed it all with warranty protection. more
  • The Pista Vio grit removal system offers the flexibility of the inlet and outlet channels at any variable angle up to the full 360 degrees of the circular chamber, offering simple installation into existing sites or an efficient footprint for new sites. An innovative hydraulically forced ring-and-tunnel system still creates the vortex flow path necessary to provide 95% grit removal down to 105... more
  • The Titan MBR Qube is a complete, factory-built, packaged wastewater treatment system featuring a compact design for simple shipping and mobility. Equipped with the same Titan MBR technology that has made Smith & Loveless an industry leader in pre-engineered treatment systems, the Titan MBR Qube provides simple, economical and efficient plug-and-play treatment in a much... more
  • Titan MBR delivers high-quality wastewater effluent for up to 3 mgd (131 L/sec) per tank, allowing for reuse. Fully submerged in the aeration zone, Smith & Loveless flat-plate membranes maintain high permeability and flux rates, experience less wear and tear than hollow-fiber types and can simply be cleaned in place. more
  • Specifically designed for applications with high volumes of consumer flushables, the X-PELLER impeller even works well in low-flow conditions. The impeller was designed for vacuum-primed and flooded-suction Smith & Loveless pumps. It has successfully been proven in hundreds of installations that the X-PELLER effectively expels high volumes of consumer flushables, including wipes, rags and... more
  • The Classic Wet Well Mounted Pump Station delivers municipalities and industries a fully customized packaged lift station solution. It is compact and above-grade, and it arrives ready for installation after being factory-built and tested. An easy-lift fiberglass enclosure (fitted with Smith & Loveless gas shocks) provides instant access to all station equipment and protection from the... more
  • The Formula X Wet Well Mounted Pump Station embodies the Smith & Loveless design philosophy of pump station excellence. The combination of proven Smith & Loveless pumps and advanced, factory-built technology demonstrates why this station sets industry standards. It is equipped with an array of standard components and features, delivering superior convenience and automation throughout... more
  • Smith & Loveless delivers effective workspace per total area in the new R2 Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (WWMPS). R2 means “rectangular and recessed,” and it is this combination that equates to streamlined station arrangements and significantly more room inside than circular designs. Being recessed yet with grade level access, the station maintains a low profile, earth insulation... more
  • When you need a high-capacity pump station to handle flow variation ranging from a tiny trickle to full-capacity flow, the above-grade Capsular Wet Well Mounted Pump Station easily races to a maximum station capacity of up to 7,200 gpm (450 liters per second) in seconds. This walk-in station comes in 8-ft, 6-in. and 10-ft, 6-in. wide station configurations to accommodate shipping limitations... more
  • The Titan MBR Mem-Box is an upgrade option that can double plant capacity while also reducing costs. It features a compact design that facilitates insertion into an existing plant with minimal changes to the existing plant structure while doubling plant capacity. It is designed to insert into a plant’s existing aeration basin (concrete or steel), making it more cost-effective than designing... more
  • Engineered and preassembled in Smith & Loveless’ quality-controlled factory, the Titan MBR Mem-Frame is a wastewater treatment system that is designed for insertion into any concrete aeration basin. Containing robust, flat-plate Titan MBR membranes, the Mem-Frame maintains high permeability and consistent flux. The frame is fixed to the tank, and the membrane modules... more
  • sludge treatment
    The patented Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) Process is a fixed-film, aerobic treatment system designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, FAST consists of tankage packed with completely submerged media. The FAST media creates a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which, combined with internal settling... more
    sludge treatment
  • Proven in hundreds of installations, the Model R Oxigest treatment system provides stable operation and flexible process options for sanitary and industrial/process wastewater applications. The Oxigest design encompasses complete aeration, clarification and advanced treatment in concentric tankage while allowing these unit processes to be individually separated and controlled. Its... more
  • The Pista 360 grit chamber is equipped with the patented V-Force Baffle, which is an integral flow control baffle for both the inlet and outlet of the main chamber. The V-Force Baffle is designed to direct the inlet flow into the chamber in a manner that ensures the proper vortex flow and prevents short-circuiting, allowing for a full 360° rotation through the... more
  • The Pista Turbo grit washer uses Tri-Cleanse Technology to produce clean grit while minimizing the odor caused by putrescible organics and the costs associated with growing landfill restrictions. It boasts a sleek, compact design with a similar footprint to Smith & Loveless’s screw conveyor. The Pista Turbo grit washer uses an inlet hopper to... more
  • The custom-engineered Smith & Loveless Pista Pro-Pak features a factory-assembled Pista drive assembly, vacuum priming system and controls mounted to a steel base and housed within a retractable fiberglass enclosure. The drive motor, pump and related components are factory prewired and mounted to the base to minimize and expedite field installation. more
  • The Smith & Loveless Obex spiral fine screen system comes complete with PLC controls and a color HMI screen. It is a high-performance system that protects equipment and enhances plant operations by removing trash items and debris from treatment processes. Small solids are captured by the front of the screen; brushes then clean the front of the screen and allow the solids to be carried up... more
  • The Pista Works system combines screening, grit removal and grit washing in one integrated package. System components are constructed of stainless steel and use a number of the brand’s grit removal technologies. Package components include ANSI flanged connections, a 6-mm Obex spiral fine screen, two platforms for equipment access and a PLC-based control system with a touch screen. The system... more
  • The new PISTA 360 grit removal system with patented V-Force Baffle provides engineering benefits during system design and cost savings for municipalities prior to and after installation. Its design increases velocity during low-flow periods while maintaining consistent grit capture during surges. The V-Force Baffle helps comprise a patented hydraulic design that creates a forced vortex for... more


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