KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost-effective measuring instruments for the process industries. KROHNE focuses on forming partnerships with its customers to provide them with the most reliable and innovative solutions available in the marketplace.


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Smartpat pH 2390 digital sensor is a loop-powered transmitter with an integrated sensor. Its sensor design is specific to harsh wastewater service and features low maintenance and long service life. Combining the sensor with a miniaturized transmitter in the housing reduces the overall price. more
  • Smartpat pH 2390 digital sensor is a loop-powered transmitter with an integrated sensor. Its sensor design is specific to harsh wastewater service and features low maintenance and long service life. Combining the sensor with a miniaturized transmitter in the housing reduces the overall price. more
  • The Optisys SLM 2080 optical sludge blanket measurement system offers measurement of blanket depth, separation zone and swirled solids depth using optical suspended solids measuring technology. Low maintenance requirements, reliable measuring results and ease of use make the system ideal for continuous measurement of industrial and municipal wastewater sludge, along with sludge settlement... more
  • The new Optiflex 2200 C/F level meter for liquids and solids features software-based dynamic parasite rejection technology that eliminates false reflections caused by environmental disturbances and product buildup. It is a cost-effective device for tank and silo applications in the chemical industry, as well as in the oil and gas, energy, wastewater, mining or pulp and paper sectors. more
  • The OPTISYS CL 1100 is a measurement system used for determining the chlorine content in drinking water. It is ideal for clean water disinfection, monitoring of chlorine as a growth inhibitor and product disinfection. Chlorine is measured by a sensor with a three-electrode design using a patented automatic sensor cleaning to ensure long lifespan. more
  • The Waterflux 3070 is an electromagnetic water meter for water and wastewater applications. It is the only magnetic flowmeter with a Rilsan-lined sensor tube. It has a 15-year battery life and, as a magnetic inductive meter, it is accurate and stable, with a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters. more
  • The TidalFlux electromagnetic flowmeter includes the models IFM 4110 PF and IFM 4210 PF. It is used to measure the volumetric flowrate of electrically conductive liquids in partially filled pipelines. It is combined with a capacitive flow-level measuring system built into the wall of the measuring tube, providing accurate flow measurements in partially filled pipelines, with levels between 10%... more
  • The Optimass 2000 is available in 4-, 6- or 8-in. sizes in compact or remote versions, and features an MFC300 converter. Its wetted parts are made of NACE-compliant duplex stainless steel, and the meter is available with flange ratings up to 1500 lb and flange sizes from 4 to 12 in. The unit is CRN-approved and can handle process pressures up to 2200 psig, with a stainless steel outer cylinder... more
  • The OPTIMASS 1000 Coriolis mass flowmeter is designed for good measurement capabilities with the flexibility and options of high-end meters. It is well suited many industries, and can operate reliably between -40°C and 130°C. The flowmeter features a close-coupled twin tube configuration with an optimized flow splitter, and it is highly durable and capable of handling flow rates, even in the face... more
  • The Enviromag 2100 magnetic flowmeter—an economical solution for measuring electrically conductive liquids—is targeted at common applications in the water and wastewater industries and features measuring accuracy of up to 0.3%. Its IFC 100 converter offers an attractive price/performance ratio. The converter offers precise diagnostics of instrument, installation and application. The converter can... more
  • The Enviromag 2100 magnetic flowmeter is an advanced economical solution for measuring electrically conductive liquids,with accuracy of up to 0.3%. Meters come with rugged metal enclosure, backlit display with excellent readability and push-button keypad for easy operation, startup or configuration. It is HART-compatible and includes PACTware. more
  • The new IFC100 signal converter is suitable for use with the Optiflux Series of electromagnetic flowmeters. Delivering accuracy in the most stringent industrial process applications, its technology compares favorably with its predecessor, the IFC 300, by combining built-in advanced diagnostic capabilities with great value. more

Storm Water Salvation

The City of Pottsville in Schuylkill County, Pa., faced a serious problem with wastewater overflows, caused in part by the design of its 1800s-era masonry sewers. For... more

KROHNE to Showcase Products for Mining at 2016 SME Conference & Expo

KROHNE Inc. will showcase a range of its mining products at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration’s (SME) 2016 Conference and Exposition, to be held ... more

KROHNE to Showcase Products at WEFTEC 2014

KROHNE Inc. will showcase a range of its water and wastewater products, including the new Smartsens line of analytical sensors at WEFTEC 2014, booth 4651. The 87th... more

KROHNE Introduces Electromagnetic Flowmeters eLearning Course

KROHNE Inc. introduced a new eLearning course “Electromagnetic Flowmeters” on the learning platform, KROHNE Academy online. Participants of the course will find a broad... more

KROHNE Names Instrument Associates as Northern Illinois Representative

KROHNE Inc. announced that it has appointed Instrument Associates, of Alsip, Ill., as its industrial representative in Northern Illinois. Instrument Associates will... more

Magmeters Measure Up

Is the magmeter half full or half empty? That interesting twist on an old cliché is an apt question to ask the people of a small city located in Schuylkill County, Pa.... more

Large-Scale Cold Water Metering

Water is a scarce and precious commodity. Worldwide, the competition between domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors for clean water is intensifying... more


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