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Advanced sewage treatment equipment is of vital and growing importance to the world. JWC Environmental is a leading manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment, solids reduction, solids removal and processing. The Monster family of products—including the Muffin Monster and Channel Monster sewage grinders, Auger Monster fine screen, Screenings Washer Monster and Monster Separation System—is legendary for quality and reliability, incorporating a fine screen or band screen with superior screenings conditioning. Our superior technology provides solutions for the most demanding applications, including sludge grinders, shredders, screens, washer compactors and septage receiving stations.


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Paul Schuitt Named JWC Environmental Regional Sales Manager-West

Paul Schuitt has joined JWC Environmental as the western regional sales manager for the municipal wastewater market.

JWC Environmental Acquires IPEC Consultants

JWC Environmental has entered into an agreement to acquire IPEC Consultants Ltd. IPEC Consultants is a Canada-based manufacturer of solids/liquid...

Monsters Keep it Clean on Whistler Mountain

Whistler Resort, located in British Columbia, Canada, is the alpine host for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. While athletes around the world were...

JWC Introduces Honey Monster Upgrade

The Honey Monster SRS-XE is an improvement on JWC Environmental’s Honey Monster. This automated septage receiving system uses a combination of grinding, solids removal,...

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