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Degremont Technologies provides equipment supply for all phases of water and wastewater projects in both the municipal and industrial markets. Our technologies include solutions for IFAS and MBBR, clarification, filtration, disinfection, stormwater treatment, biosolids management and package systems. Degremont Technologies is a subsidiary of Suez Environment.


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Through thermal sludge drying, Innodry 2E can be used to reduce the volume and improve the quality of wastewater biosolids. Innodry 2E’s innovative and patented combination of proven technologies allows the advantages of both direct and indirect dryers, with unmatched energy performance in a dust-free environment and a design that ensures high operational safety standards for its customers. more
  • Through thermal sludge drying, Innodry 2E can be used to reduce the volume and improve the quality of wastewater biosolids. Innodry 2E’s innovative and patented combination of proven technologies allows the advantages of both direct and indirect dryers, with unmatched energy performance in a dust-free environment and a design that ensures high operational safety standards for its customers. more
  • The Dehydris Twist is an advanced sludge dewatering process from Degremont, employing the Bucher Unipektin hydraulic piston press technology. Up to 30% reduction in sludge bulk volume can be achieved over conventional dewatering and digested sludge can be dewatered to autothermal conditions before incineration. The versatile process accepts both drinking water as well as wastewater sludge and has... more
  • AquaDAF is a high-rate clarifier utilizing dissolved air flotation for low turbidity surface and algae laden waters. The uniquely engineered effluent collection system provides operating rates unequaled by conventional flotation technologies. The result is increased capacity for existing or new treatment facilities with no minimal space required. Dissolved air flotation is an excellent solution... more
  • BIOFOR filters are aerobic or anoxic process biological reactors that use attached growth technology for application in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment. The BIOFOR process is used primarily for the removal of BOD, TSS and ammonia pollution in secondary and tertiary treatment. The units discharge treated water that conforms to high quality standards for every parameter thanks to the... more
  • The Climber Screen was developed to provide a low maintenance solution to previous screening technologies, which used permanently submerged rotating parts such as sprockets and bearings. Engineered for years of severe duty service, Climber Screen can tackle large obstructions with ease. The rake simply disengages from the bar rack to clear the object until it can be removed on a subsequent pass.... more
  • The DensaDeg clarifier, softener and thickener is the water and wastewater industry’s most robust, versatile process on the market. This high-rate system combines optimized flocculation, internal and external solids recirculation, and thickening in two conjoined vessels to maximize hydraulic loading and treatment efficiencies. The proprietary blend of energy input and high volume solids... more
  • Water and Power Technologies offers trailer mounted deionizers (DI) for emergency, temporary or long-term needs. With more than 20 years experience, they provide reliable mobile DI service 24 hours a day, in as few as two hours. With our strategically located regeneration facilities, MobilePRO can provide timely and cost-effective solutions. Our trailers have a high capacity of 5,000,000 grain... more
  • The new Aquaray SLP Series of UV disinfection systems, designed for both water and wastewater treatment applications, offers a compact and high efficiency range for small and medium water plants. The low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamps are powered by efficient electronic ballasts for a high level of energy. An L-shaped reactor reduces headloss and maximizes UV dose. more


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Lake DeForest Water Treatment Plant Enjoying Benefits of High-rate Dissolved Air Flotation System

United Water began seeking an upgrade of the plant's aeration and sedimentation basins to a higher rate clarifier in order to improve overall water quality and taste.... more

Optimizing Metals Removal

AREVA Resources Canada, Inc. operates uranium mining and milling facilities at McClean Lake in Northern Saskatchewan and is designing additional open pit mining capacity... more

Water + Wastewater Treatment Guide

Infilco provides high-performance water, wastewater, and sludge treatment solutions for any size population and virtually any influent condition. We are involved in... more

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Selects Screens for New Orleans Pumping Project

Infilco Degremont Inc. has been selected to design and supply Climber Screen mechanical bar screens for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Permanent Canal Closures and... more

Australian Desalination Plant Produces First Drinking Water

Australia’s largest desalination plant has produced its first drinking water after an initial performance test, according to According to a statement by... more

Bluewater Bio, Infilco Degremont to Market Wastewater Treatment Technology

Bluewater Bio Intl., the provider of the high-performance and cost-effective HYBACS wastewater treatment process, is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement... more

WWEMA Announces 2011 Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Member of the Year

Three new members elected to board of directorsThe members of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (WWEMA) elected new officers and directors on Nov.... more

Getting an Energy Boost With Biogas

As more U.S. wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) attempt to reduce dependency on traditional fuels, the role of biogas produced on site is becoming an increasingly... more

From Biomass To Energy

Reducing carbon footprint with two-phased digestionNumerous wastewater treatment and recovery plants are adopting novel technologies to help reduce dependence on fossil... more

CSO Abatement On The Lakes

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Sludge Treatment Made Easy

Lakeview WWTP reduces odor and maintenance costs by switching from incineration of heat-treated sludge to incineration of untreated sludgeThe Lakeview Wastewater... more

A Compact Solution for CSO Treatment

A look at the largest high-rate clarification system for CSO treatment in North AmericaIn December 2002, the city of Toledo, Ohio, signed a consent decree with the U.S.... more

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