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Headquartered just north of Atlanta, AdEdge Technologies specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of innovative water treatment systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. AdEdge offers a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies to achieve tough standards, including adsorption, metals precipitation, coagulation, filtration, clarification, ion exchange, advanced oxidation and membrane-based solutions.


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Duluth, GA 30096
United States
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Large-Scale Arsenic Removal Solution Helps Chilean Community

In 2005, Chile’s Superintendence of Sanitary Services implemented a new arsenic standard for drinking water, giving the country’s water treatment companies 10 years to...
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Joint Venture Forms AdEdge India

AdEdge Water Technologies LLC and InNow India Pvt. Ltd. announced a joint venture to provide water treatment solutions for municipalities in India for the removal of...

Removing Iron & Manganese in Michigan

In February 2008, AdEdge Technologies was selected as the sole vendor by Sun Communities, a nationwide owner and operator of mobile home communities, to supply an iron...

A Speedy Solution

After discovering its three wells contained excessive levels of arsenic, the Spring Creek Utilities Co. hired Sunrise Eng. to help develop a solution. The engineering...

Kansas Community Reduces Nitrate Level in Water Supply

In September 2012, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was awarded a contract managed by BG Consultants for the equipment pre-selection of a nitrate removal treatment...

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Algae Cleaner; Bentonite; Microorganisms, Bacteria & Viruses; Pollution Control; Arsenic Removal