Zurn Opens New Innovation Center

The new Innovation Center opened June 2, 2014

Zurn Industries innovation center

Zurn Industries LLC has opened a new Innovation Center in Cary, N.C.

The 17,000-sq-ft center will facilitate testing, quality control, product technology and system innovations.

“As Zurn continues to drive market leadership through our escalation in innovation, we remain committed to delivering world class engineered water solutions,” says Scott McDowell, global vice president, marketing and business development for Zurn. “This new facility sends a clear message to our employees, customers and future customers that our drive to innovate isn’t slowing down but instead is gaining speed and resources.”

The Zurn Innovation Center will free up space in a nearby manufacturing plant in Sanford, N.C., allowing that facility to meet demand in Zurn’s Commercial Brass and Fixtures Operations.

The Innovation Center, located at 3700 Regency Parkway in Cary, opened June 2, 2014.

Zurn Industries

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