Dec 28, 2000

ZENON Technology to Support Desert Community Expansion

ZENON Environmental has signed a $5 million contract with developer Del Webb to expand initial water systems for Anthem, Ariz., the developer's new signature community.

Anthem, located in desert land outside Phoenix, has been developed since 1998 as a self-contained community for families complete with its own schools, shopping centers and recreational facilities.

Anthem installed a ZENON ZeeWeed membrane system in 1999 for its drinking water and wastewater treatment plant. Currently, the Anthem Water Campus provides drinking water and wastewater treatment where wastewater is reused for irrigation and other non-potable uses.

As Anthem grew, water treatment plants were planned to allow for future expansion. A new ZENON membrane-based drinking water system, tripled in size, is expected to be completed in early 2001 and will allow for reuse of the treated effluent to irrigate the community's golf courses. Subsequent expansion of both drinking water and wastewater capacity will continue as the community grows.

(Source: ZENON Environmental, Inc.)