Yuma Selects Odor Control System for Wastewater Upgrade

A new wastewater treatment plant in Yuma, Ariz., required consistent and proven odor control technology because it is situated near residential areas.
To meet this critical need, the city is installing three LO/PRO® odor control systems supplied by USFilter RJ Environmental, Poway, Calif.
The LO/PRO system is a patented wet scrubber process, which can be configured to remove hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and organic odors from municipal and industrial process gases. Each installation is custom designed to maximize efficiency and minimize chemical consumption. Performance is guaranteed with removal efficiencies in excess of 99%.
More than 247 LO/PRO systems have been installed in communities and industries throughout North America and worldwide.
The project in Yuma, designed by the engineering firm of Carollo Engineers, Phoenix, Ariz., is a $44.7 million upgrade to be completed in 2005. As of one of America's fastest growing communities, Yuma is faced with meeting the demands that residential and industrial development brings--the need for clean water supply and treatment. The city's existing wastewater treatment plant is aging and near capacity.
"One of our LO/PRO units will be situated on the collection system, and the other two at the treatment plant," explained Roop Jain, vice president and general manager of RJ Environmental. "The Yuma project continues our long history of providing odor control systems to communities throughout Arizona."


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