YSI Sells Temperature Products Line

CEO & President Rick Omlor announced that YSI, Inc. has sold its Precision Temperature business to Measurement Specialties, Inc. (MEAS) of Hampton, Va. The YSI Temperature business is recognized worldwide for its high-precision, super-stable temperature sensors and instrumentation in the aerospace/military and medical/patient monitoring markets.
Omlor said, “After closely examining our portfolio and strategically reviewing key product lines, we recognized that what we do best is instrumentation, systems and services. As such, YSI’s strongest growth opportunities are in the environmental business, where we have chosen to dedicate the necessary investments in new technology and acquisitions. Also, we concluded that the interests of our temperature components group would be better served with a company like Measurement Specialties, which can grow and invest in this business.”
Frank Guidone, CEO of Measurement Specialties, said, “Temperature is the most widely measured physical characteristic and is a perfect complement to our existing portfolio. YSI Temperature, along with our recently announced acquisition of BetaTHERM, are leaders in precision thermistors and probes for the OEM market and will form the basis for MEAS’ temperature product line.”
The YSI Temperature business acquired by MEAS is located in Beavercreek, Ohio, about ten miles from YSI’s headquarters in Yellow Springs. Employment levels at YSI’s headquarters will be minimally impacted, as three employees transfer from Yellow Springs to the Beavercreek facility.
YSI plans more investment in its core environmental monitoring product lines. Research and development facilities in Yellow Springs and San Diego, Calif., have been organized into Centers of Excellence, focusing on mechanical engineering and software/electrical engineering, respectively. This year the company plans to add seven to 10 new engineering, technical and sales positions.
Omlor comments, “I am excited about YSI’s future. Water scarcity and quality issues around the world continue to present challenges and opportunities that can benefit from YSI’s technology and applications knowledge. We are fully embracing our tag line ‘Who’s Minding the Planet?’—working to make this a healthier planet by providing the right tools to our customers to help them monitor and protect water resources.”

YSI, Inc.

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